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About Us

Love and Hands is a social enterprise working to change the way community development is done. We enable communities to improve their well-being, drive their own development and take action through connecting challenges to existing assets. We believe that for development to be sustainable, it should be driven by the people for which it is intended.

The big idea behind our work is that when communities are empowered to believe in what they have, they can drive their own development in the most effective, efficient and sustainable ways. Thus our approach is grounded on upholding the dignity and contribution of those we serve. our programs enable communities and organizations to build self-sustainable community/people-driven solutions and income-generating activities that respond to a wide range of development challenges such as poverty and unemployment. 

We started with Rwanda and later expanded our work to Burundi. We envision to expand our work into other East African communities that can transform themselves through self-funded ventures and leading their way to sustainability.


We exist to equip communities  to drive their own development by connecting

challenges to existing assets.


Enabling solutions that are community-driven, asset-based and sustainable.


Sharing God’s Love ( 1 Corinthians 13:8)

Asset centeredness

Community first