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Love & hands

Love and Hands is a social enterprise working to change the way community development is done. We enable communities to improve their well-being, drive their own development and take action through connecting challenges to existing assets. We believe that for development to be sustainable, it should be driven by the people for which it is intended.

Services we offer

At Love and Hands, we offer different services, including but not limited to the one mentioned below:

Building Communities Program (BCP)

It is designed to fit a wide range of target groups including organizational leaders, women, and men in communities as well as children.

Community /Organizational Training

Our training leverage participatory and experiential learning approaches that equip the participants with skills and tools to implement change and take immediate action.

ABCD 4 Change(Training)

The aim of the training is to introduce the organizational leaders to the Asset-based development models and how to apply them to their communities and organizations.

Asset Based Skills Development and Scaling

We help organizations/communities to further develop and scale their asset-based solutions through partnerships with skills development trainers and investment partners

Social Impact

As simple as helping a child to hold a pencil
As fulfilling as giving a child unique opportunities
As humbling as the hidden wealth in the unique gifts of a community
Is what Love and Hands is all about.

Using our business as a tool to empower the community

Nothing For Communities without Communities -James Charlton

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