Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in the Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) approach, which emphasizes cultivating community-driven solutions by leveraging local resources and capacities. We believe communities have the power to enact positive change from within. Rather than just pointing out problems and providing external solutions, we focus on utilizing the strengths and resources already present in each community. This empowers communities to identify and utilize what works, leading to their own transformative initiatives.

Our Approach follows 3 steps!


In this initial phase, we train communities in Asset-Based Community Development, to enable them to recognize their existing resources and adopt a mindset that focuses on leveraging resources that are present within their communities. Essentially, we encourage them to "See what's already there."


Merely recognizing their assets is not enough; they need to actively leverage them by starting community -based enterprises and initiatives.Once they start, we journey along them through continuous coaching to assist them in effectively harnessing these assets to tackle the challenges they face.


As these community enterprises demonstrate their ability to sustain their solutions using their own resources, we then facilitate their growth. We offer tailored support directly or through partnerships to further develop their initiatives. This may include upskilling, business development opportunities, or access to finance. This scaling process is customized based on the maturity level of the community teams.