Our Story

Love and Hands was established in 2015 as a children's literacy initiative in Kigali, Rwanda, initially serving around 100 children on the veranda of a house. Our primary goal was to make a positive impact on the lives of out-of-school children by providing English literacy classes and assisting them in obtaining scholarships to return to school. At the outset, we took action based on our understanding of the challenges and our perceived best solutions.

However, as our engagement with communities deepened, we encountered the realities faced by children and their families. While education was crucial, it became evident that it was just one piece of the puzzle. Families struggled with healthcare access and putting food on the table, among other issues. Each new challenge prompted us to fundraise for additional resources, but this inadvertently fostered dependency on our support. With limited volunteers and resources, we felt overwhelmed by the growing demands of the community.

In 2017, on the verge of giving up, we were introduced to the Asset-Based Community Approach, which revolutionized our approach to community development. We realized that by simply providing solutions, we were disempowering communities and perpetuating dependency. Instead, we recognized that communities possessed their own strengths and resources to address their challenges. Thus, we shifted our focus to empowering communities to take ownership of their development. We actively engaged parents in our programs and trained them to identify their skills and resources to address community needs.

Contrary to our belief, communities showcased their ability and resourcefulness, initiating income-generating activities and using their own resources to tackle pressing issues like health care and education. This realization began our transformation into an organization that empowers communities to leverage their own resources for sustainable development. Today, Love and Hands works alongside communities in Rwanda and beyond, facilitating their ability to identify and address the skills and resources they need to tackle their most pressing challenges. Our journey has reaffirmed that communities have the capacity to drive sustainable development when empowered to utilize their own resources and expertise.

Our vision

We want to see communities thrive through building sustainable and locally-owned solutions that maximize existing resources.

Our mission

Enabling solutions that are community-driven, asset-based and sustainable.

Our values

Community First, Leading with initiative, Beyond a Team. Asset Centered.